U.S. Army Soldiers 4 Pack

  • 5660 (2015 US ARMY) SOLDIERS BOX (DESIGN 3)
  • 5660-photo

U.S. Army Soldiers 4 Pack


  • Four 3¾ inch US Army Soldier Figures with Full Combat Gear
  • Full Combat Gear
  • Two Detachable Backpacks, Authentic Weapons, Two Entrenching Tools, One Binocular, Two Grenades, One Communication Radio Backpack, 2" Width Base Stand

Figure - Armed Combat Helmet, Mittens, Body Armor, Pattern Webbing, Ankle Boots, Desert Smock and Trousers. Hand and feet joints can be manipulated for a greater degree of movement and more realistic figure poses. The extremely dexterous hands are updated with a more natural texture. The item may be produced and designed on the assumption it will be bought solely for display.
Suitable for Ages 4 and up.

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